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    Originally posted by Diggin' In The Crates View Post
    Triple Edit:

    1st: For my tracks to invoke stong emotion in people, the type of music where people tell you, "_____ got me through a rough time", make shit that's timeless.

    2nd: To be acknowledged by the legends in the game, as an ill producer

    #1 might sound corny but I think that's what seperates good producers from great ones
    #1 is sum real shit!!!!!!
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      I'll know I made it when somewhere I got a billboard with me on it, I've been on MTV, TRL, BET, All the late night talk shows, Guest spot on a TV show, Movie Cameo/or full role, Mul-ti Before I Die, Accumulated 5 million plus, I'm being considered a musical asset and not just a rapper poppin' bottles on diamonds, and I'm still chillin' with the people who helped make it all possible in a huge crib in LA Entourage style, HOLLA I was gonna say to something like, if I earn the respect of my industry peers blah blah blah, but real talk, fuck everyone who already made it, they don't pay my bills. No more "Mickey Mantles"

      I know how it all sounds, but I'm just being honest.
      But I've heard his beat "beats", and he really goes in like a monster... So yo, Castro, stop frontin', and post that heat! -Sa'id


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        I think to everyone there is a different answer no doubt. My definition is just getting respect for my talent and makin a few bucks at it. After all, it is an art and if I can make a few bucks, then I comfortable wit that.


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          Connecting with like minds and growing within self from collective teachings and education. BeatTips is the upper echelon and want to thank you Sa'id for creating it and representing for the true beat specialist.


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            making it to me is more than just collecting money for what i do with my craft. Making it to me is when i can have pice of mind and not have to feel frustrated and pissed off anymore because I wake up everyday dong what it is I LOVE to do. Not what i HAVE to do.
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              Making it?

              Quality character and quality music, consistently.... Consistency...Respect for that consistency...Reasonable compensation for that consistency.


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                when I'm living off music I've made it, thats not really my goal with my music but it would be nice. I'd rather be barely getting buy making music then be rich working some desk job...


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                  payin dues

                  yo the way i see it is like this.. beat makers are artist. so the closer you can get to painting the picture just how you imagined it in your head is the goal. being able to sit down and create just what you imagined ya dig? and all this talk about makin money is nice but lets face the reality, if your dedicated enough to something and you want it bad enough the money will show up. If people are gettin involved dreamin to make the big dollas that cool but don't fall short. if you really love something enough and want it it will be yours.


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                    To me making it is when I can support myself doing something I love to do. So as soon as I can support myself with music and have respect from others around my community/worldwide, I've achieved everything I've ever wanted.


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                      In my mind, I'll have "made it" when the style of sound that I produce becomes recognizable, vintage and profoundly individual.

                      I'm a very conceptual person - to me, it's all about finding your own niche of sound, capitalizing on it, then pushing that envelope until people start ingraining your unique style in their memory.

                      Then, next time someone makes a beat that kinda sounds similar to mine, they have no other way to describe it other than "ohhh, that sounds like Janitor Rabbit!"

                      In other words, think of how cats like RJD2, FlyLo or Madlib, etc. produce their beats. They're all so ferociously individual that whenever you hear their track, you KNOW it's them. They're like Jimi Hendrix on the guitar; their instruments are their voice and it's real noticeable. People seek out that sort of confident individuality if they have an appreciation for art and not genres. That's what I want to do. Peg a style of sound on the wall and draw attention to it.