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What is a "Processor"?

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  • What is a "Processor"?

    Processor: This is a device such as a compressor, gate, equalizer and the like. It’s used for manipulating the dynamics or frequency of an audio signal.

    You hear the term "processor" tossed around a lot. And it's always assumed that everyone understands what the word actually means. Reality is everyone does NOT understand. When I first began making beats/producing, I thought "processor" had to do with process, as in method. As funny as that sounds, I didn't know any better. In light of that, I wanted offer up a clear, but simple definition of "processor".

    - Sa'id

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    When I think of a processor i think of something that you use to process your sounds or final mix. like adding reverb pitchshift, compression and those type of thisng to better the sound or make it lower quality whatever your looking for in the mix.

    James aka K-I-A-


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      you can also notice that a processor is generally placed in insert and an effect in aux!


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        Yeah... that is helpful to differentiate between effects and processors. Sometimes I start thinking of all of them as effects... or all as processors