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  • "No, it's post production"

    One part of the song process I believe that continually gets lost or simply disguised as another is "post-production". You have the pre production, recording, mixing then mastering. Yet, in many instances, post production needs to be squeezed in between the recording and mixing stages.

    This can be whatever "cleaning up" the song may potentially need after the recording process. Whatever overdubs that may need to be added or taken away for that matter. This process is considered part of the production process, yet may be done with or without the producer present. It may be something a bit less detailed.
    I have a client that is very intricate concerning her vocal pitches. So she will book a 6 hour mix session with me...whereas we spend 5 1/2 hrs putting her vocals thru melodyne trying to fine tune them. Then she will use the remaining time for me to cram in a mix of the song. This I clearly a post production issue which should be set for that kind of session as opposed to mixing.
    Furthermore, no one wants to record slight mistakes or do a bunch of miscellaneous, tedious works then mix a song. This is very draining on the mental when your intial mission was altered because of the tasks at hand.

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