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  • Another avenue of "producer"

    I was recently in a session a week ago and we were working on some R&B. The drums were programmed but everything else was played live. We were just doing some vocal overdubs and the decision was made to cut new lead vocals. With the producer on another coast, a lady was brought in to oversee the session. Although i definitively know and understand what a producer was interesting to watch it unfold.

    Her initial command was directing the artist to sing it more aggressively and to add a hint of anger to her voice. She then went on to summons how the music does not display the mood of the lyrics. There was nothing that was angry about the music to complement the newfound direction of the vocal's delivery. She actually seemed annoyed by the notion. The advice she then offered concerned the addition of possible percussions that would set the mood and maybe some dark cellos.

    This may be simple to many, yet what i was observing was a new target for the song to hit. The artist assured her that she can contact the "producer" and alert them of the necessary changes. What I've witnessed was someone else taking the baton and ready to initiate a whole different spin for the record as she also mentioned an alternate arrangement may be in store. And all this emerged from one individual (whose opinion is obviously respected) who was invited down to give their take on the record. And now, the song is being sent to cali to have the adjustments made as per the new seat of ...."producer".

    Just thought I'd share....the producer is and always will be bigger than music creation.
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