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  • The term "mixed by"...

    The term "mixed by" can get misconstrued as it often does. Too many times the credits seem to lend to a reader who should automatically know what is being referenced. However, it is not always the case.
    There are two different credits when it really comes down. They should be "mixed by" and another credit for mix engineer. When engineers speak to one another, they may say I "mixed" that song. Yet...that means they were the mix engineer.

    The term "mixed by" should be credited towards the one who oversees the mix. The one who produces the mix. This concerns the post-production of a song. Depending on who oversees a mix, the song can sound different from initially intended.
    Record labels would pay people to come in on mix sessions to assure that the product would come out to their likings. This would also earn the label different versions that they may be able to play with and decide for themselves which one would be used....or maybe use more than one. Ironically, many became infamous for their mixes.....such as a Larry Levan.
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    Dope clarification. It's kind of similar to the misuse of the term of "producer".


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      Haha. This reminds me of the time I found out that Chad Smith's Drums on BloodSugarSexMagik were not Pearl drums but a cobbling of drums from 5 decades to produce that sound and also It smells like teen spirit drums had drum trigger sounds in them to make the sound bigger. Recording in a dark art that would shock the audiences if the new what the original was like.
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        Wow... that was a good read.