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How Many Drum Sounds Are Enough?

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    Its really not how many drum sounds you have, but it all comes down to how you manipulate each sound like making a copy of the same kick drum and keep the 1st kick drum without any modification and for the copy kick drum you can manipulate it with some effect or change the adsr, and when you put those to kick drum sound layer on top of each other then you'll have a new drum sound


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      Because I like to do what eva I feel, I could use just about anything to make my drum sounds. Trash cans, spoons, chest thump, beat box, u name it. Also layering is my sound, sampling of other music, who knows. lol.
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        Too Many Drum Sounds

        i admit, i'm guilty of this. me & my buddies @ skool was talking about this. ain't no tellin how many drum sounds i have. so the question do you go about narrowing down your library? i was thinking that, a drum machine (depending on what model you have) ususally has 16 pads. i'll divide it up into 4 seperate drum groupings ( i think you taught me that Sa'id- GMA or sumthin like that)...kicks, snares, hats, percussion/fx. so i figured i needed 20 good kicks/20 good snares, etc. to make at least 5 core drum kits.
        speaking of which, i'll think i'll work on that now.


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          Although I have Gigs of drums lately I've been sticking to just pulling my drums off a couple of choice vinyl break records. I struggle with not wanting to use the same drums all the time so I try to keep things interesting by layering with percussion that I sample myself.