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Good video on doing snare and kick rolls.

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  • Good video on doing snare and kick rolls.

    I'll remain up in the lab till its engulfed in flames

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    I don't like the sound of the toms but this is a great tutorial. I'm to transfer my drumming from the kit to the fingers and videos like this are helping me find my style of playing.
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      Appreciate the video

      Hey I really liked the video thanks for sharing!!=] hey I have a curious question if anyone feels wanting to answer--Do you think that your mpc skills can get better by practicing your word count typing (as in, can you get better at those drum rolls you/he were/was doing by practicing your typing on a computer?)? I have not used a mpc before, although I did start out making beats on garage band on the Ipad2, and so I was just asking to further knowledge. Thanks for the vid!


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