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Our new website is finally ready- any opinions?

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  • Our new website is finally ready- any opinions?

    Hey, we've been working on a new version of our site lately, and after weeks of work, it's finally ready... For those who remember our old website, you'll notice it's quite different, and it's a big improvement.

    You can register now, and you will receive 2 free unreleased beats (non-exclusive licence), and you'll be able to download any beat on our site, for non-profit use. And you have to be registered to lease beats on the website. All the details are on the website, so make sure to check it out.

    We even have an "affiliate program", which means, if you promote our site and someone buys something on our site after clicking a banner/ad you posted somewhere, you will get 50% of the sales. You can get more details about that on our website, but that could definately be a good way to get some extra money for those interested.

    Oh and to celebrate our grand opening for 1 week, we are giving a 50% discount on everything.

    Just use this code (on the website or myflashstore player - both works): C2D09E76BBPLS

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