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    Dunno how many of you know about rime msk's exchange project, but it essentially one graffiti writer who sketches another writers name, sends it to said writer in which he paints the piece how he sees it and with his own interpretation. I would like to see something like this involving beat making. Such as one person makes a drum pattern sends it to someone who then adds one aspect of a beat and so on.
    Keep sending it around and eventually build a beat. However there will be no changing of previous additions. Elaborations on previous additions would be okay. Get at me if anyone wants to try this.

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    This sounds like a great idea if you can get a decent amount of people to commit. I think the beats should be no more than two minutes long. And it doesn't matter what you start with whether its drums, sample, or instruments as long as someone can build on top of it.


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      I'd definitely be down with something like this, I've done collaborations that way. It's pretty exciting/interesting to hear how someone elses' brain works as opposed to how you were hearing things.
      ...still need time for beats and rhymes...