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Greetings from the UK

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  • Greetings from the UK

    Hi All,

    I read the BeatTips Manual about a year ago and was really inspired by it. I've spent years trying to produce beats and other forms of electronic music without really taking the time to understand the medium as a whole. As a young teenager in the UK in the 90s hip hop was everywhere I looked so I thought I knew all I needed to, but the manual showed me that I'd barely scratched the surface!

    As a learner with limited knowledge of playing instruments, I love the fact that beatmaking and sampling is so accessible to everyone. I love all of the genres of music that have contributed to and influenced beatmaking over the years and am constantly trying to practice different techniques and styles and develop my own unique sound.

    I've made lots of posts to Soundcloud over the years, as a way of obtaining feedback and sharing my ideas. Everything I've posted is a work in progress, but I feel like every track I make takes me a bit closer to where I want to be.

    If you have an opportunity to listen to my tracks, please visit my Soundcloud. I'd welcome any feedback you can all offer.