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The Doobie Brothers - "Black Water"

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  • The Doobie Brothers - "Black Water"

    The Doobie Brothers has had quite a profound experience on me, in many ways. I've always enjoyed the study of history, and through my exploration of The Doobie Brothers, I was able to gain a much better understanding of black and white relationships in the South, pre-1980.

    Indeed, despite some of the worst cultural atrocities that took place in the Jim Crow south, the fact is: there has always been a current of black and white musicians playing with and influencing each other. The Doobie Brothers was the first band with an interracial line-up that ever pay very close attention to. After discovering The Doobie Brothers, I went back studied Sly and The Family Stone much more intently...


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    The Doobie Brothers - "Black Water"

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