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Mixing Levels - Bouncing issue

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  • Mixing Levels - Bouncing issue


    I'm trying to mixdown and bounce my first beat tape / album and have about 16 individual tracks open in a logic project. I wanted to bring all the finished tracks into a project together so I can make sure levels are all about the same and play around with how I order the tracks on the album.
    Anyway, i'm now tweaking the levels slightly for each track (basically just EQing them all) to make sure they are all about the same and nothing jumps out when you listen to them one after the other.I'm also trying to get the volumes right.What I'm finding though is that when I listen to it in Logic on apple iphone headphones (the latest ones) it sounds really bassy. But given most people will probably listen to it on their phone I wanted to see how it sounded when transferred to an iphone. On the iphone it sounds fine and i'm happy with the levels but if I play the bounced Wav or MP3 the bass just sounds to high.Any ideas?!!

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