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    i was over a friends spot the other day and they had just got a sennheisser e835 dynamic mic on some blind sh!t. its a dope mic. didnt color the vocals badly and it picked up what was directly infront of it. i almost thought it was better than a condensor (almost ). is there anybody who prefers a dynamic over a condensor?

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    I have owned an akg c414 bxls which run around $700-900 used. I would choose my shure sm7b over it any day. Condensers arent better or worse than dynamics, it all depends on who,youre recording and in what setting. Most bedroom producers dont have perfectly treated and sound proofed rooms, so a great dynamic mic like the sm7b or ev re20 will put out much better results than a peluso or neumann. The sm7b was used for thriller and many other great albums. Its especial nice for male hiphop vocals. I would rather have an expensive 500 series preamp and a 3-$500 mic, than a $1000 mic and $300 pre. Also, I feel that a higher end interface is more worth the money than an expensive condenser.
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      the first rule they told us in the engineer school im doing : "The most expensive mic in the cupboard is not necessarily the right mic for a given task”
      and it's also right to say that a condenser in not necessarily better than a dynamic...

      I think for a vocal mic it really depends of the mc/singer voice, sometimes its incredible how a sm58 can sound better than an expensive Neumann!


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        I gotta agree wit ginsu and gated. There are NO definitive answers when it comes to microphones. It all just simply....depends. On the environment, the vocalist, pre, daw, setup, etc. All of these things may be deciding factors. I've heard good quality vox from mics I never knew existed that cost $50 and was none the as sorry as I am to speak in such a general all depends.
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          Yeah I agree with cus. That's why you see a lot of big studios have different types of mics because it all depends on the vocalist, type of music, etc.