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    I was recently on twitter and saw a Q & A. The question was "what mic is best for x?" The answer was "whichever one gives you the closest thing you're trying to achieve mix wise". Well...this holds true for ANY scenario. The best woman to marry is the one one who will make you happiest with the least amount of stress!! This is entirely too broad of an answer for anything.

    Many ask me what mic should they get because of the amount of years I've been recording. I ask about the price range they're going for; then try and steer them in a direction where I'm aware of a good "all purpose" mic. Yet, I can be dead wrong!!! I may only have a better idea if I a) heard your voice on a song b)actually recorded you before. Other than that, it's a shot in the dark too. To use the similar example...I can't bring you a woman and say she'll be perfect for you. No!!! You gotta try her out, date her...then let me know the results.

    So, in essence, the right mic for you is....who knows!!! Not me! I can tell you a good/great mic to use for many purposes and many types of voices. But, it doesn't mean that it will give you what your voice needs.
    A good thing to do is try them out in the store. They'l be more than happy to allow you to do so.
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    Not to blow smoke but your opinion is viable though, you have the credentials and experience. Sometimes you don't need to date her, sometimes all you need is the right information to make a solid match, i.e etc. It was your thoughts about the 4050 which made me go to it. I had never used one or heard one but I had trusted your knowledge and have no complaints.
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