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Akai MPC 16 Levels HELP!!

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  • Akai MPC 16 Levels HELP!!


    Ive been searching for information on the internet and only had a little bit of luck. If you guys can clear it up that would be a big help. thanks

    *Does the ASR 10 have something like 16 levels on the MPC 2000xl? Chopped samples on each key with the pitch getting higher as it goes? or can the MPC only do that? Ive been watching Videos on the ASR 10 and I think its possible but I would have to do it manually, is this correct?

    *Im currently using Ableton and Ive been trying to imitate the 16 Levels on the MPC. I can assign the sample with a different pitch on each pad on my MPD26, it does get shorter, so my question is, "How do i get it to play as long as my original sample?"
    Ive tried messing with ADSR settings but it all doesnt sound the same.

    I do have more questions, if I can get these answered it might narrow it down.
    Big thanks to anyone that can help.