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copyright beats / join performance company ???????

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  • copyright beats / join performance company ???????


    after reading the beat tips manual ( best book for producer ) , i have two questions

    do you always copyright your beats when send them out to A&R, Artist´s whatever??

    i live in germany and we dont have a copyright office like in the USA, you dont have to register a copyright anywhere, but when someone stole your beats , you have to supply evidence that you are the owner of your beats

    mostly i write the tracks are copyrighted because many people avoid then my beats because they know that iam the owner

    other guys said that i have to register at the USA copyright office to be on the secure site

    do you know how other countrys handle this, when everyone has his own copyright ??

    another question when i copyright beats in USA, normally it cost about 40$, when nobody is interested in this beat, is my money lost, for what copyright beats when nobody is interested in it

    another question, when is it time to join a perfomance company like ASAP, BMI etc.

    as recently as I get money from royalies of my production THX